Effective measures to prevent overheating of vibration motors

The most common fault of a vibrating motor is that the vibrating motor is overheated during operation. If the fault cannot be eliminated in time, the vibrating motor will burn out! In particular, vibration motors that have been used for more than half a year and more than one year, or vibration motors that have been opened and repaired by users themselves are more prone to overheating of the vibration motor! Below we will introduce effective measures to prevent overheating of the vibration motor!
The first is to understand the conditions of use of the vibration motor to ensure the normal use of the vibration motor.
1 vibration acceleration does not exceed 7g (g is the acceleration of gravity);
2 the ambient temperature does not exceed 40 ° C;
3 altitude does not exceed 1000m;
4 power frequency: 50HZ; 60HZ;
5 voltage 380V, 380-660V;
6 temperature rise is less than 80K (resistance method).
Secondly, the cause and treatment of the vibration motor overheating:
1. Reasons: 2. Processing method:
1 voltage is too high, so that the core is overheated; 1 immediately reduce the voltage or adjust the power transformer tap;
2 The vibration motor is overloaded or under voltage 2 Increase the voltage or replace the thicker wire;
Leading to excessive current and heating of the windings;
3 When the winding is removed, the thermal disassembly is improper, 3 repair the iron core to eliminate the fault;
Burn iron core;
4 The stator and the iron core are too close to each other and rubbed; 4 eliminate the rubbing point;
5 vibration motor overload or frequent start; 5 load shedding, control start according to the specified number of times;
6 cage rotor broken bars; 6 check and eliminate winding faults;
7 vibration motor phase loss; 7 resume three operations;
8 winding immersion paint is not sufficient when reloading; 8 using secondary dipping paint and vacuum dipping process;
9 The ambient temperature is too high, the air duct is blocked by dust; 9 Clean the motor, improve the ambient temperature, and adopt the cooling measures;
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'effective measures to prevent vibration motor overheating

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