Washing machine production operations attention Daquan

What should you pay attention to when washing sand washing machine?

The role of the stone washing machine is to play a certain washing operation in many sand production lines, sand stone production lines and stone production lines. The sand washing machine easily removes the impurities on the surface of the sand and gravel aggregate.

In addition to, in addition to which sand production line, sand and gravel production line need to use sand washing machine for washing operations, there are many, let us introduce you.

11 Red and thirsty iron ore contains more 56 soils. If the cement contains 56 iron minerals, the mud can be discarded as the final tailings after washing with a sand washer. The obtained ore grade on

Can get a big improvement. The ore contains a lot of mud, often blocking the fine crusher, the sieve and the mine silo, making the production line process or production operation difficult to sustain, and can be treated by the sand washing machine.

2. The ore needs to be hand-selected or photo-selected, and the slime stains the surface of the ore, making it difficult to identify. At this time, the sand washing machine is used for washing or washing in the hand-selected or photoelectrically selected; some ore's primary slime and ore

Stones are very different in terms of selectivity. After the sand washing machine separates the mud and sand and processes them separately, a better sorting index can be obtained.

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