Boyuan Company's new batch of Southern Pine

The company's new batch specifications are 38*89*3050/3660/4270, 38*184*2440/3050/3660/4270/4880.
38*235*2440/3050/3660/4270/4880 primary material southern pine, price concessions, welcome friends from all walks of life, call
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Standard function:

1.   Heat treated steel vertical  drill-resistant pins on both side of cylinder

2.  Mushroom counter pins resistant to attack.

6,7,10 rounded-head picking proof combination pins are available.

Special designed inner coupling to be immediate egress function.

The spindle, extended bar is used for special request of customs, it also can be cut by user to the length they want.

Optional function:

5.  Service key system: 1pcs, Once the owner's key be used, the  service key will be disabled.

6.  Stiffening device: Central breaking-proof, anti-snap, body reinforcement

7.  Owner card: As a indication of the key duplication and quality guarantee

8.   Master Key or Key Alike are available

9.   Finish:   01-Brass polished with varnish

                  02-Bright Nickel plated

                  03-Satin Nickel Plated

Spindle side computer cylinder

Spindle Sided Computer Key Cylinder Lock

Spindle Sided Computer Key Cylinder Lock,Immediate Egress Lock Cylinder,Computer Key Cylinder Lock,Master Key Lock Cylinder

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