Solexel Launches Thin Film Solar Module with 20.62% Efficiency

Applied Nanotech Holdings (Applied Nanomaterials) announces the launch of a new world record Full-square solar cell wafer with a size of 156 x 156mm using low-cost ultra-thin-film silicon technology produced from trichlorosilane gas . The efficiency reached 20.62% efficiency and set a new world record. The battery back plate not only supports the battery, but also makes the battery very soft.

The application of nanomaterials company and Sichuan Anxian Yinhe Construction Group Co., Ltd. will use this technology for large-scale production. Yinhe Jianhua Group is China's largest chromium chemical production R & D enterprise, known as the "Asian chromium city". The company covers an area of ​​150 hectares, 1.46 billion yuan in fixed assets, and employs more than 2,000 people. It owns 9 wholly-owned, controlled, and equity-shared companies, a provincial-level technology center and national industrialization demonstration projects.

The thickness of the hot rolled Galvanized Steel Coil  0.2-1.5mm,width 800`1250mm,can achieve equal thickness and differential plating thickness,surface structure haveing zero zinc flwer ,small zinc flower,finishing zinc flower , surface treatments are oil ,oil plus passivation ,passivation,environmental protection passivating print resistant etc.

Galvanized Coil

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