How to maintain the kitchen sink

How to maintain the kitchen sink The kitchen is the source of the family's diet, but it is often very easy to wash dirty dishes, fumes, stains, etc., so regular maintenance and cleaning is very important. Especially the sink in the kitchen, wash rice must be done here, so the maintenance of the sink is particularly important, it can be said that our health has a direct relationship. So how do you do it?

1. The current sinks are generally stainless steel. The surface of the sink will be provided with a protective layer of chromium-rich oxide film. First of all, we cannot destroy this layer. It is the main protective layer to prevent the rust of the sink. Once it is destroyed, the sink Rusty, it is difficult to clean.

2. If detergent is used for cleaning, we should try our best to choose mild products and rinse with clean water after washing.

3. After the remaining soup is poured into the sink, rinse it immediately with clean water to prevent the salt in the soup from chemically corroding the sink.

4. The sink should not use a knife and fork to cut, so it is easy to damage the protective layer on the sink, the sink scratches. If cutting vegetables need to be cut into plates.

5. If the water tank is just installed, chemical reagents for decoration cannot be directly introduced into the tank to prevent corrosion. Before use, it is necessary to wash it once again and apply a layer of vegetable oil such as soybean oil and peanut oil on the surface of the water tank. Because the oil has adsorption and isolation, it can prevent chemical substances from adsorbing on the surface.

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