The potential of subway security market is growing rapidly

The potential of subway security market is growing rapidly Subway security mainly includes video surveillance systems, access control systems, anti-theft alarm systems and intelligent video analysis. The video surveillance system is the core part, accounting for 70%-80%, and the access control system accounts for 10%-20%. The anti-theft alarm system is relatively small. From the perspective of demand, the share of security, explosive detection, and toxic gas detection will increase. With the development of technology and the actual needs of subway safety precautions, subway security will gradually be upgraded in the future. As far as the security system is concerned, the later the subway is built, the more advanced the security system and the higher the investment. This will undoubtedly bring huge business opportunities for the security industry.

According to relevant data, at present, China's subway and rail transit are entering an unprecedented period of vigorous development. In the national 4 trillion investment plan for boosting domestic demand, urban rail transit construction accounts for a large proportion. According to the plan, the investment in urban rail transit construction in China in the next seven years will be about 600 billion yuan, which is close to the total investment of the three Three Gorges Projects. There are 33 cities in the country that formally build subways. As of today, there have been 27 cities that have been approved by the State to build rail transit projects. According to the existing plans, the total mileage of China’s subways will reach 6,100 kilometers in the next 10 years, and the planned investment for subway construction from 2011 to 2015 will reach 1.1568 billion yuan. All data indicate that subway construction will enter a period of rapid development.

The rapid growth of subway construction has brought new business opportunities for the security industry, showing the company a blue ocean. The dangerous events in the subway in recent years have sounded the alarm for the transportation industry, and China has paid more and more attention to traffic security and investment. Metro security is already one of the most important systems in many cities at home and abroad except for the signal system. In addition, with the increasing emphasis on security systems, the security system has become more and more obvious. This security company is undoubtedly a good company. news.

The early subway security system has not been taken seriously. There are few security companies and integrators involved in the security of subways, and companies that have made investments of 20 million projects in the field of security monitoring can participate. However, with the advancement of subway security construction, subway security-related experience may become a barrier, which will make most of the security vendors shut out. Now that subway construction is at its peak, if it is not yet in attendance, the future opportunities will be Will be missing. Therefore, security vendors and integrators have noticed that when the threshold has not yet formed, please enter as early as possible to take a seat.

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