How to identify L245Q seamless steel pipe shoddy?

How to distinguish the inferior steel pipe?
1. Counterfeit pipes are prone to collapse. Folding is a variety of fold lines formed on the surface of the steel pipe, and this defect often runs through the entire product. The reason for the folding is due to the high efficiency of the shoddy manufacturers, the large amount of reduction, the generation of ears, and the folding of the folded products. The folding products will crack after bending and the strength of the steel will drop.
2. Counterfeit steel pipe surface often has pockmarked phenomenon. The pockmark is due to the irregular wear and tear of the steel surface due to the wear of the groove. Because shoddy steel pipe manufacturers are pursuing profits, rolling slot rolling is often the most excessive.
3. The surface of counterfeit steel pipes is prone to crusting. There are two reasons: (1). The shoddy steel pipe has uneven material and many impurities. (2). The inferior guide manufacturers' equipment is simple and easy to stick to steel, and these impurities are easy to produce scars after being bitten by rollers.
4. The surface of the inferior material is prone to cracks because its blank is adobe and the porosity of the blank is large. The adobe is subjected to thermal stress during the cooling process and cracks are generated. After the rolling, cracks occur.
5. The shoddy steel pipe is easy to be scratched because the equipment of the shoddy steel pipe manufacturer is simple and easy to produce burrs and scratch the surface of the steel. Deep scratches reduce the strength of the steel.
6. The shoddy steel tube has no metallic luster and is pale red or similar to the color of pig iron. There are two reasons for this. The blank is adobe. 2. The temperature of the shoddy material rolling is not standard. Their steel temperature is measured visually, so that the rolling cannot be carried out according to the prescribed austenitic region. The performance of the steel material naturally cannot be achieved.
7. The cross-bar of the shoddy steel pipe is thin and low, and the phenomenon of unsatisfactory filling often occurs. The reason is that the manufacturer has to achieve large negative tolerances, the amount of reduction in the first few passes of the finished product is too large, the iron type is too small, and the hole type is not full.
8. The cross-section of the inferior steel pipe is elliptical because the manufacturer has to reduce the amount of rolling before the finished roller in order to save materials. The strength of this rebar is greatly reduced, and it does not conform to the standard of rebar size.
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