Brand thinking pushes security doors forward

Brand thinking pushes security doors forward As early as 1998, the anti-theft door industry had a mandatory national standard "General Technical Conditions for Anti-Theft Doors GB17565-1998". The formulation of national standards coincides with the development needs of the industry, so there will be prosperity and progress in the security door industry. As the competition in the anti-theft door industry has become increasingly fierce, some small-scale enterprises are facing elimination, while stronger companies have become stronger through joint development and development, and the entire industry has also shown good momentum.

Security Door Development under Standardization Policy

Policy opportunities have developed potential. In the current market development situation, security doors can achieve better development under the policy. The fierce competition in the anti-theft door market is an indisputable fact. Small-scale security door companies will certainly be eliminated. Why do we promote the brand? It is hoped that enterprises can strengthen their alliances by promoting the establishment of some alliances among large enterprises with security doors. In recent years, the wooden door industry can be described as unprecedentedly fierce competition. The irregular production and vicious competition of many workshop-type enterprises have seriously aggravated the vicious development of the market. In the future, in the brand-oriented consumer market, small-scale enterprises will gradually be shuffled out.

Of course, high quality and low price are the development trend of security doors. What kind of anti-theft door products can satisfy the needs of consumers? The answer is definitely a cheap and good product.

For standardization, national standards for security doors have been issued. According to industry insiders, we are not the same as foreign countries. The export of anti-theft doors is relatively small and the floor is relatively large. The main reason is that our domestic specifications are very standardized, and they should only be linked together for scaled development and standardization. The second one is the demand for variety. In Zhejiang, the people did not have to have very high prices. He also selected high and low grades, which is the demand for variety. The other one is that the price requirements are different. Some families may require that the bedroom be upscale and the living room be low-grade. The other one is popularization.

Therefore, under the policy, security doors can achieve better development! Policy opportunities give security doors a better opportunity for development.

Brand thinking to promote the business

The ideology promotes the development of security door companies. The influence of ideology on enterprises is very large. China's anti-theft door industry and the brand strategies of the vast majority of China's security door companies are all missing and are not systematically incomplete. Because of the lack of ideas and the lack of a pattern and realm, the brand strategy has not been raised to the level of the overall strategy of security doors. The construction and operation of the security door brand is a concentrated expression and expression under the brand idea. Different thoughts will have different realms. Different realms will produce different results. Therefore: in the brand world, there will be a brand level. The difference between strong and weak brands.

Only the first brand is the most valuable because consumers only remember the first. However, to create the first brand, there must be ambition, not only that entrepreneurs with anti-theft doors must have the inner drive and ideological pattern of “becoming the first”, but also have methods and skills. The achievement of the first brand is not only an exciting strategic goal, but the systematic implementation of brand strategy and tactics under the guidance of the overall strategy.

China's anti-theft door companies face the future of brand competition in the general environment, we must speed up the pace of brand installation for enterprises. Anti-theft door companies based on the long-term, and strive to create a first-class enterprise, building a first-class brand is the only choice. "The first important thing is to be the first! For the company now: either do it first, or do it only."

The strategic structure of the security door enterprises and the brand operation pattern originate from the vision, vision, mind and knowledge structure of the security door entrepreneurs and their senior executives, as well as their key ideas and patterns. Those who are: business awareness, merchant awareness, small-scale peasant awareness, small wealth, safety, loss, short-sighted, short-term, indecisive, lack of entrepreneurial ideology, and philosophical behavior are not likely to accomplish big business and achieve big brands.

Brand is a value promise, to meet the potential identity and psychological needs of security door consumers, foreign brands are not the most successful he created a kind of physical objects, but they are such a high degree of brand operation, brand culture, marketing operations The familiarity has made the brand behind the high value, and they successfully completed the seamless connection between the brand and the target consumer. This kind of seamless connection is precisely the superiority of foreign brands. It is also the fundamental reason why they can seize the market and occupy high-quality and high-end consumer groups. This brand culture and consumer psychology can seamlessly cross all cultures, regions, and races. And history hindered.

It is thought that anti-theft doors enterprises can achieve better development and ideology. For the current anti-theft door companies, they play a very important role in promoting.

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